Video Nasty on Youtube

Three and a half years ago we made a little video called Video Nasty. It was shortly after I'd moved to the U.S.A. from South East London that we started working on this project. People vocalized that they weren't sure if things would work out with me moving over and getting U.S. riders, but I always saw Heroin as an international brand (Our first Pro was Japanese). So having proved myself in the UK over thirteen years to all the cynics who said that Heroin wouldn't last,  I feel like I had to prove myself all over again in the U.S.  Video Nasty was exactly that. Video Nasty was a massive success. 

Video Nasty was the first video that we made that was ever available on iTunes. We made DVD's and a limited edition VHS run too. Thanks to all the bands who were cool about us using their songs, all the filmers who contributed footage, and Stephen Roe for killing it in editing this one. 

You can finally watch it on youtube now! Click below! 

Nick Michel Snot Job part

Snot Job, the independent production that came out of Vegas last year was fantastic, it had two of our guys in there and a whole bunch of other people that we really like. Great video, you should pick up hard copy if you can. Here's Nick Michels part, this was definitely one of my favorite parts that came out last year. Enjoy. 

Frank Shaw Bath Salts part

We just put up Franks Shaws Bath Salts part on Vimeo. Frank got on the team just a few weeks before our editing deadline and I figured he was going to have a couple of tricks in the end credits announcing him as our new rider, but he went out and filmed a whole bunch of good stuff for it. Thought it was time to share this with everyone, not just the privileged few who own the Bath Salts DVD (or iTunes download) 


Jenkem mag posted the fantastic new video "Seven" by our own Fat Jim. Y'all should own this on DVD already by now, hit up Note or one of the other great UK shops and support Jims Greggs habit. Tom Day and Joe O'Donnell have full parts in this one!