Heroin x Note Wordsmith board.

Super stoked to announce the Note x Heroin Wordsmith board. Our guys Tom Day and Joe O'Donnell both work and and ride for Note, so it made a lot of sense to make this board. Plus, I love Manchester, grew up skating there, so I'm hyped that we made this happen. Available from Note now. 

Heroin x Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Heroin TCM Catalog Pg1.png

I am stoked out of my tiny mind to announce the collaboration of Heroin Skateboards and the original 1974 version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.  One of my favorite films of all time, a huge inspiration on me and my little company since day one. I can't believe this came together and there are only about five films in total that I would even consider collaborating with. We have a collection of four boards, two shirts and 4 stickers, I can't imagine these will be around for long.

Japanese Skateboarding.

Jenkem just put up an interesting little article about influential Japanese video parts. Our guys Chopper and Gou had honorable mentions, and thought it was time to put up Gou's Overground Broadcasting part by Takahiro Morita, and Choppers extended Video Nasty part (Hamaji Edit) 

Shimizu Retirement Party

I'm not going to lie, it was one of the funnest events we ever did. More of our guys should retire so that we can throw parties like this one. It was awesome. There was a coffee sponsor, thanks Thunderking coffee, there was cake, there was art, prizes, a Shimizu edit care of Joey Sinko. Sapporo supplied the beer, thanks so much. Bob played some Smiths and Morrissey songs, we had a dance party. Good times, for a change...

If you were there then you know how much it ruled. You can recreate those warm fuzzy feelings you had on Saturday by watching the video below, try and spot yourself, remember what a great time we all had. If you didn't make it you can wallow in regret and self pity for not clearing your calendar to make it this incredible event. Either way, you win!! 


Logan Devlin Friend Zone part

Friend Zone is an awesome Seattle based independent skate video that came out right at the end of last year, our man Logan Devlin had a part and Jake Menne the man behind this one was cool enough to let us share his part on our site. Definitely worth picking up this one if you can find it. 

Jakes instagram is @jakevx1k if you need to hit him up and buy a copy from him direct. 

Tony Karrs Bath Salts part

I was reluctant to give away Tony Karr's Bath Salts part for a long time. I think its a really great part and that if you cared about seeing it, then you could fork over a few dollars for the trouble that we put into making it. That way of thinking seems to be old fashioned now. I grew up in a time when a VHS tape would cost £35 and you would watch the thing 300 times. (Public Domain was the one that comes to mind) Nowadays though with everyone bending over backwards to give their videos away free to Thrasher, it's changed the Landscape of the Skateboard video. There was a time when online parts weren't even taken seriously, now they're the currency with which this industry works in. Times have definitely changed. The first videos I made were shot with a VHS C camera, and put out on VHS Tapes. That evolved into DVD's, those were fun to make, then we had to make iTunes versions too. Now I don't know if we'll even make DVD's again. Just the way that things have gone with it all really. 

Anyway, I decided that its time. Time to give away the part that turned Tony Pro back in 2015. The final part in our Bath Salts video. Thanks to everyone who bought the DVD, Limited VHS edit or iTunes version. I really appreciate your support. Thanks to all who filmed for this and our other videos. Thanks to Cody Thompson for making this part, and Nick Cave and all at Mute for permission to use the rad song. Enjoy.