Fall 2018 Catalog.

Let me tell you something. I've never been prouder of this little company.

20 years deep, and I've gotten to sponsor my favorite skateboarders and work with good friends and people I admire greatly on art. Sure there's been heartache along the way, people have quit,  I've had to kick people off, there's been a few arguments here and there, but we're still here. 

Blowing your own horn is not really something that's done where I'm from. People are very very quick to tell you that it's not going to work, who's gonna buy that? and all the rest. I didn't listen to any of them. I did it my own way. 20 years later Heroin is still here, last season we just dropped an official Texas Chainsaw collaboration, this season we turned Tom Day Pro. Awesome human being Craig Questions Scott did a really great series of boards for us. I got OG Heroin conspirators to do boards (Simon True and French) as well as Hirotton and Enemy. Talking of OG Heroin, we put out a never seen before Chris Pulman Alumni board that was sketched up in 2005.

I love where we're at right now. Thank you for getting us here. 


Heroin Fall 2018 Cover.png


Tom Day personifies what riding for Heroin is about, doing your own thing and not caring what anyone else thinks, in Toms case its finding or making grimy spots in Northern England. Who doesn't love that?

Its been quite a journey for Tom and Heroin. He's been on so many trips and put out loads of ads and great video parts for us. It makes complete sense that he's our newest pro.

Congratulations Tom! 

Tom Day Pro Page.png

Cabin Sketches Zine


Just put my new Cabin Sketches zine on Etsy. Link above. Its a fun little 16 page zine about how I started drawing the cabins of Green Valley Lake in the San Bernardino mountains of California. 

cabin sketches cover.jpg

Hasta La Vista Show

Just about to head down to Vista and start setting up my "Hasta La Vista" show. Should be a fun one. I'm releasing a new Cabin screen print, edition of 30, and my new Cabin sketches zine. The fun starts tomorrow night at Booze Brothers brewery, and there's live music from LOOM. I'll be showing a lot of original art from Heroin boards and stuff I've done for other brands too, there'll be originals for sale, prints, and more. Hope to see you there. 

Hasta La Vista Square.png

Heroin x Note Wordsmith board.

Super stoked to announce the Note x Heroin Wordsmith board. Our guys Tom Day and Joe O'Donnell both work and and ride for Note, so it made a lot of sense to make this board. Plus, I love Manchester, grew up skating there, so I'm hyped that we made this happen. Available from Note now. 

Heroin x Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Heroin TCM Catalog Pg1.png

I am stoked out of my tiny mind to announce the collaboration of Heroin Skateboards and the original 1974 version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.  One of my favorite films of all time, a huge inspiration on me and my little company since day one. I can't believe this came together and there are only about five films in total that I would even consider collaborating with. We have a collection of four boards, two shirts and 4 stickers, I can't imagine these will be around for long.

Japanese Skateboarding.

Jenkem just put up an interesting little article about influential Japanese video parts. Our guys Chopper and Gou had honorable mentions, and thought it was time to put up Gou's Overground Broadcasting part by Takahiro Morita, and Choppers extended Video Nasty part (Hamaji Edit)