Frank Shaw Bath Salts part

We just put up Franks Shaws Bath Salts part on Vimeo. Frank got on the team just a few weeks before our editing deadline and I figured he was going to have a couple of tricks in the end credits announcing him as our new rider, but he went out and filmed a whole bunch of good stuff for it. Thought it was time to share this with everyone, not just the privileged few who own the Bath Salts DVD (or iTunes download) 


Jenkem mag posted the fantastic new video "Seven" by our own Fat Jim. Y'all should own this on DVD already by now, hit up Note or one of the other great UK shops and support Jims Greggs habit. Tom Day and Joe O'Donnell have full parts in this one! 

Rough Mike new part????

Well this is surprising. Rough Mike out of the blue has just filmed a new part. One of our first riders, Mike had a part in our first video "Good Shit" from 1999. He hurt his shoulder shortly after and wasn't able to skate for a while. I hadn't spoken to him for ages, I heard rumors from mutual friends that he was still alive and well, but the was all I knew, then we started talking a bit on these social media things a few years ago. Last year I thew out the idea of him doing a board graphic, as he's an incredible talented artist, and well, a Heroin Alumni. I'm stoked that the board just came out in our Spring line (Voodoo Girl) and then from out of nowhere he mentions that he just filmed a part. Exactly what you'd expect from Mike, shouting, weird spots, bizarre tricks. Don't call it a comeback. Its great to see Mike skating though.