Rough Mike new part????

Well this is surprising. Rough Mike out of the blue has just filmed a new part. One of our first riders, Mike had a part in our first video "Good Shit" from 1999. He hurt his shoulder shortly after and wasn't able to skate for a while. I hadn't spoken to him for ages, I heard rumors from mutual friends that he was still alive and well, but the was all I knew, then we started talking a bit on these social media things a few years ago. Last year I thew out the idea of him doing a board graphic, as he's an incredible talented artist, and well, a Heroin Alumni. I'm stoked that the board just came out in our Spring line (Voodoo Girl) and then from out of nowhere he mentions that he just filmed a part. Exactly what you'd expect from Mike, shouting, weird spots, bizarre tricks. Don't call it a comeback. Its great to see Mike skating though.