We're Back

HEROIN_Black_Spiral_SHREDDER(8.25)Daggers_Shredder_Grey Sorry it's taken forever to update the site, had a lot of maintenance to do, but it means that things should be updated a bit more regularly from now on. The new "Everything Went Black" Team boards have started to arrive. Some older graphics re-made onto black dipped boards. We have two cruisers out now, the Osaka Daggers Limited Shredder, as well as the Black Spirals (Which will be available on a regular 8.25 shape later this year) Just been working on stuff and filming a lot while the weather is still half decent. Check the new team page, FINALLY you know who rides for us!! I know it took ages, but at last it's here. Also keep an eye out for the  Heroin Japan article in the new Sidewalk Magazine which will be coming out in the next few days!!