Introducing Tom Day

We get a lot of Sponsor me clips nowadays, but the best one I ever had for Heroin is from this guy who now rides for us, mister Tom Day. It helps that he was referred to us by one of my favourite human beings in the world, Nick Stansfield, "You gotta put Tom Day on man" Here's why his sponsor me clip was so good and I watch it all the time to this day.

1.No music, as much as I'm sure he wanted to put a Jay Z song or something on his tape, he resisted the urge and did us all a favour. You might think your edit goes better with your favourite Modest Mouse or Arcade Fire song, but leave it out.

2. Grimey Northern Spots. Seeing some of the jacked spots in this got me well stoked. the line at the cobbled banks that he rides up and back 3's off. So sick.

3. Steady Repping, you wanna ride for Heroin but you send us footage and you're wearing Plan B tee and riding Chocolate boards? Aint gonna go down too good, send your footage to the companies that you like, if all you want from us are free boards cos you can nollie flip a ten set then it aint gonna happen. Team managers notice, believe me. We watch for tees and boards the whole way through, and Tom reps tees and boards throughout. Mad Heroin pride even before he rode for us.

4. Good skating. Back smith back 3 out? Back smith backside flip out? You kidding? When do you ever see those? Done sick as well. Road Gap straight No Comply? Toms mix of gnarly yet creative skating fits right in over here, this is why I always say this is exactly the type of sponsor me video that we want.

So my idea was that we keep Tom on the D.L. and announce him when the video drops. Just have a full new part of wild shit from him and people are like "Oh shit, he's my new favourite skater" But he's been racking up coverage left and right, Kingpin and Sidewalk photo's every other month and just straight up killing it, so we have to announce him now really.

So if you didn't know before Tom Day rides for Heroin, (and has for over a year) and here is that very sponsor me from a video called Mardy by Andy Rayner and Jim Craven. Thanks to them for letting us use it on the site.