Good Shit

In 1996 I went to San Francisco and a Mexican gentleman gave me a video camera (that his cousin had possibly liberated from a tourist at some point), it was an PAL format VHS-C camera. So it didn't work with the U.S. NTSC format TV's or anything. This was the first time that I started filming skateboarding. I just used to go to spots with my friends and I'd start getting bits of footage together with no real purpose for it. Then in 1998 I broke my wrist really badly and spent 4 days in hospital waiting to have pins put into the bone, at this point I decided that I was addicted to skateboarding and that I wanted to start a company called Heroin Skateboards. Shortly after, I contacted Alan Glass, who had worked on Viewfinder videos among other things, I caught a train to Brighton with all the footage tapes and some songs I wanted to use and over a couple of weekends we made the first Heroin Video "Good Shit". This came out in 1999 and was only ever available on VHS, Although we did put it on the "Everything" DVD from 2006 which compiles all the Heroin ads, and first two videos and a few other bits. This is out of print now I'm afraid, but here's the Good Shit video in its entirety for you to see. Thankyou for your consideration.