All our old Videos

The first Heroin Video "Good Shit" was filmed on an old VHS-C camera that I was given by a Mexican gentleman while on holiday in SF in 1996. I believe his cousin "Liberated" it from a tourist at some point, and he ended up giving it to me because it was PAL format. In those days I was utterly broke, sleeping on couches (Thanks Josh and PJ) and looking in the back of the sofa for spare change so I could buy some red licorice or dollar taco's, so to be given a video camera was a huge deal. I'd never really considered filming skating, I just skated. But I started to take the camera around to spots and got my friends to film me if I did anything I thought was worth pointing a camera at (yes, thats debatable, I know). I used to use two Video players to crash edit little video parts. At some point I started a Skateboard company and decided to call it Heroin Skateboards, I had something that could possibly resemble a video part scattered around on about 20 VHS-C tapes, some footage from an unknown up and comer from Lancashire called Snowy and footage of a mysterious hobo type lunatic who skated Stockwell known as Rough Mike, along with some very enthusiastic friends footage. I called a friend of a friend called Alan Glass, who was an editor living in Brighton and asked if we could make a video together using all this footage. I went down and met Alan and over the course of a couple of weekends we made a skateboard video called "Good Shit". That came out in 1999. A lot has happened since then, we got more team riders, we got some new cameras, we got international distribution, but we're the same as we ever were, scratching around trying to get stuff together filming with cameras that are falling apart. 

So, anyway, we've put up a youtube channel that has all our old videos on there. Good Shit (1999) Everything Going to Be Alright (2002) Live from Antarctica (2005) and Magic Sticky Hand (2007) All of these were made by the very talented mister Alan Glass along with myself. Enjoy.