The hits keep coming, last week it was the incredible HIVE video by Fat Jim, now for a limited time only, Film-maker Mike McKinlay's much anticipated Barrier Kult HORDE 2 video is out now, in association with King Skate mag just in time for Halloween. Supported by Emerica, Skull Skates, PD's Hot shop, and of course Heroin Skateboards. 

On a personal note, the Barrier Kult have influenced Heroin video's as far back as me and Alan Glass making Live From Antarctica in 2005. Even before Deer Man of Dark Woods joined the Heroin pro team roster.  Horde 2 follows their 2004 Horde release which revealed the existence of the Kult to the world, and it's exactly what you expect and want (need) from a Barrier Kult video.

Everyone Killed it, but I believe the most important part in this video might even be Cthylla Ascention from Deep Cenote. I called Deer Man and said "Its rad that there's a kid who has a part in the video" He said to me "That's a girl!" My mind was blown. I'm 100% supportive of girls in skateboarding and always have been, but this to me is a huge milestone. The fact that I didn't know it was a girl because off the anonymity aspect of the Kult is great, and that she goes toe to toe with the guys in the video is such a huge thing. There's no separation, that's what I feel is the major important factor.