When Barrier Kult released the HORDE DVD in 2004, I don't think they know the effect it would have on skateboarding. I loved it, it was completely refreshing to what was happening in skateboarding, Ski masks, Jersey Barriers, Black metal, scenes from obscure horror movies thrown in there. Whats not to love? Alan Glass and I always cited it as a huge inspiration for our "Live from Antarctica" Video from 2005. 

A lot has happened in the 13 years since the last video. Shoe deals, pro trucks, Japan tours, countless Pro models and magazine articles, even a book. We're blessed (or Cursed might be more apt) to have Deer Man of Dark Woods as one of our Pro's. He even had last part in our 2013 DVD Video Nasty, and I even let him drive my 74 Camaro around Los Angeles for a day.

So when they announced the follow up to HORDE, HORDE 2, of course you know its going to be good. 13 years in the making. Expect NO MERCY to be shown to those Barriers in this one.